18 Signs That Can Help You Understand Your Baby Better

The movements they make

18 Signs That Can Help You Understand Your Baby Better
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Body language says a lot about a baby’s well-being:

  • Arching their back. Babies under 2 months old often make this movement when responding to pain and colic. If a baby arches their back after eating, it means that they are full. If you often see your baby doing this movement during eating, it can be a sign of reflux. If the baby is older than 2 months old, this movement usually indicates tiredness and a bad mood.
  • Rotating their head. This is a calming movement for the baby. They might do it before falling asleep or when they’re around unknown people.
  • Grabbing their ears. In most cases, this movement shows that the baby is just exploring their body. You should consult the doctor only if this movement is followed by crying and repeats often.
  • Clenching their fists. This is a sign of hunger. If you manage to notice it in time, you can prevent the crying caused by them being hungry.
  • Lifting their legs. This is the sign of colic and tummy pain. The baby is trying to reflexively ease the pain.
  • Jerking their arms. This movement means that the baby got frightened. A loud sound, bright light, or sudden awakening can provoke the startle reflex. In this case, the baby needs to be comforted.
18 Signs That Can Help You Understand Your Baby Better
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Pediatricians recommend talking with your baby as often as possible, explaining and showing them everything in their environment, even if it seems that they don’t understand anything yet. It will help them to quickly start to communicate with loved ones using individual sounds and gestures, and it also helps them develop better. We wish you luck and hope you have an easy time understanding each other!

Is there anything you would like to add to this list? We would love to hear from you in the comments!

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