Stylist reveals 11 shocking bad habits that damage your natural hair

Maintaining shiny, healthy and smooth hair isn’t the easiest, especially in this hot and humid climate that makes our hair even more difficult to manage. Whilst we all do our best to tame the beast that is our mane, there are plenty of mistakes we make that only exacerbate the damage our hair undergoes over time.

Whether you’ve got a freshly cut healthy head of hair or are trying to keep your tresses long and silky, here are a number of everyday mistakes that need to stop happening to your hair.

1.  UV light

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source : Bustle

When UV rays penetrate the hair’s outer cuticle, they create highly reactive free radicals which damage the melanin pigment causing colour changes, and attack the protein structure of the hair, leading to thinning, breakage, and split ends.

Michael recommends always wearing a hat when out in the sun and using an effective treatment with sunscreen.

‘LifeSaver and LifeSaver UV help protect the structure and the colour of hair from sun,’ he recommended, adding to use it even on cloudy days when up to 80 per cent of the UV rays still get through.

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