9 Symptoms of Pre diabetes You Shouldn’t Ignore

7. Unexplained Increase in Hunger

Polyphagia - Symptoms and Causes of Increased Appetite

Sugar, or glucose, is a fuel source we need to power our bodies. But when we get too much, insulin produced by the pancreas becomes unable to process glucose effectively. That leaves a lot of sugar floating around the blood, where it cannot be used for energy. As a result, you may feel hungry soon after a meal, because your body hasn’t gotten what it needs.

Hunger is usually a good cue to eat more, but in the case of prediabetes, it won’t help the problem. It is better to drink some water to help flush extra sugar out in your urine, and partake in gentle exercise to improve your body’s insulin sensitivity.

8. Extreme Fatigue

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The same way that excess blood sugar can lead to hunger it can also lead to exhaustion. When your body isn’t getting the fuel it needs, despite eating full meals, you are bound to feel tired. This symptom may exacerbate other risk factors for prediabetes as well, because of course when you are drained and exhausted you feel the need to rest.

But when the fatigue is chronic, you may scale back on the physical activity necessary to maintain a healthy body weight. It’s also common to rely on fatty convenience foods when you feel too tired to cook (not the mention do the dishes afterwards). Sedentary lifestyle and poor diet are the two biggest risk factors for prediabetes.

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